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GLOW 2 Finger Jam Handle

                                     ***PARTS ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY***


This Jam Handle has 2 holes and has been specialy designed to glow in the dark. The material has been engineered to require very little added light to make the product glow. The properties were designed around the glow in the dark emergency release safety latch in car trunks. The parts are made from plastic and fastens to vehicles door using a die cut strip of automotive grade double sided tape. This part measure 2.50" x 1.25" x 0.25". (ALWAYS CHECK FOR CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE DOOR JAM AND THE JAM HANDLE BEFORE SHUTTING THE DOOR ALL THE WAY THE FIRST TIME)

GLOW 2 Finger Jam Handle

  • The two finger Jam Handle is nice for smaller vehicles and sports cars. It is also a nice product if you are looking for something smaller and less noticable.

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